Have a Spring-Ready Golf Car in No Time with These Tips

Mon, Mar 25, 2019 at 10:50AM

Have a Spring-Ready Golf Car in No Time with These Tips

It’s good practice to give your golf car some freshening up every year; think of it as spring cleaning for your golf cart. Whether you’re tuning it up after a while in winter storage or just practicing routine maintenance, here are some tips to get your golf car ready for all its adventures this spring and summer.

Batteries and Water Level

For your electric-powered EZ-Go or Tomberlin golf cars, you will want to always keep a good eye on the condition of the batteries. After a while of use, or especially storage, they are susceptible to corrosion or other damage. You can carefully clean these and the connections yourself with some baking soda and water; just remember to be gentle. If the batteries are giving you trouble, such as starting unpredictably or moving slowly, it may be time to replace them. You should also check the battery cables, and making sure the connections are tight; loose connections or bad cables will burn the battery post up. Visit your local golf car shop at Tee Time Golf Cars and we can get your batteries bought, replaced, and ready for anything.

One of the most often forgotten maintenance checks on the batteries is making sure you have a proper water level before charging the batteries. Draining the water from the golf car battery is very harmful, unlike other types of batteries. You should pour in just enough distilled water to cover the cells.

Tires and Brakes

Tires are especially susceptible to losing air when in storage, so you’ll want to ensure they’re inflated. If they’re not seeming to inflate as optimally as usual, or if there is lots of wear on the tread, you should consider upgrading this spring to new tires altogether. Visit your local St. Augustine golf car dealer to get new wheels for your ride.

In addition to the tires, you should check both your brake pads and pedal. Keep in mind, your brake will only work as well as your tires do, even if the braking system is in perfect shape!

Fluid Levels, Greasing, and Tightening

You’ll want to make sure all the proper parts are greased and that the fluid levels look good during your spring cleaning. The rear axle is important here and often overlooked. There should be an inspection plug or bolt where you can check the oil level in the axle gears, and if you see any oil buildup around the axle center, you’ll definitely need to bring your golf car in to be checked.

Make sure that all of your bolts and screws are tightened also. Any loose end could be dangerous, and some screws are small, so check diligently!

Yearly Car Maintenance Programs

Your best bet for keeping your golf car pristine all year is by signing up for Tee TIme’s Car Maintenance/Service Program. For only $99.95 a month, we conduct a 29-point maintenance and inspection procedure. Some of the things we do include tire adjustment and cleaning, lubricating, battery and water level checks, lights check, alignments, and much more. We even take it out for a test spin to make sure it’s in tip-top shape. Contact us at Tee Time Golf Carts so we can help keep your EZ-Go and Tomberlin carts at their peak performance, all the time!

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