How to Protect and Maintain Your Golf Car

Mon, Aug 26, 2019 at 9:40AM

How to Protect and Maintain Your Golf Car

Golf cars have quickly become the go-to transportation in neighborhoods across Central Florida. From Latitude Margaritaville to Plantation Bay, New Smyrna Beach to Saint Augustine, high-quality, street legal golf cars are a safe, simple, and enjoyable way to accomplish a variety of tasks.

Whether you’re logging a fun day on the golf course, running errands around town, enjoying the great outdoors, or performing essential work functions where other vehicles simply can’t reach, your golf car can easily provide years of faithful service. The trick is paying attention to maintenance. Doing so will ensure a long and happy life for this street legal vehicle. Use these tips to get started:

Evaluate Your Usage

As mentioned, golf cars are a great option to achieve many goals. From leisure to work, this vehicle is equipped to tackle any task you can throw at it. That’s part of the reason why more people rely on their golf cars as a dependable utility cart.

The first step to keeping your golf car in top shape all year long is to focus on the fuel source. If you have an electric model, make sure your battery is always clean and charged. If your golf car is a gas model, ensure the inner workings are rust and debris-free.

It’s also a good idea to regularly check safety provisions such as tire pressure, brakes, oil leaks, and similar. The skilled and qualified technicians at TeeTime Golf Cars are expert at maintenance and repair. We can even arrange for pickup and delivery of your golf car.

Practice Every Day Maintenance

Beyond these routine checkups, there are certain things you can do yourself to keep your street legal golf car running smoothly. Your operations manual is a wealth of important information. This document will also detail the maintenance and service requirements for your particular make and model.

In addition, certain details will help keep your golf car in great working order for years. For instance, battery covers prevent corrosion. It’s also essential to keep the moving parts of your vehicle properly lubricated at all times.

Keep in mind safety essentials like ensuring your lights are working correctly. That includes headlights, brake lights, and any other safety indicators that might be present on your specific model. Make sure your mirrors are clean, intact, and free from scratches or dents that might impair vision.

Invest in Accessories

Whether you have a Tomberlin, E-Z-GO, or other type of golf car, it’s nice to know that there are accessories available to make your driving or riding experience more efficient and enjoyable. For example, alarm systems are available for golf cars. These safeguards help protect your vehicle from theft, or curious pets and people.

There are many other accessories you can add to personalize your golf car, improve its performance, and help you and your guests feel more comfortable in the vehicle. That includes everything from cup holders, arm rests, storage, vehicle covers, climate control, entertainment, and much more.

Find a Reputable Dealer

As discussed, there’s nothing quite like driving or riding around Port Orange and throughout Central Florida in a high-quality and street legal golf car. You get all the enjoyment of hitting the open road, with none of the drawbacks that often come with larger vehicles.

Now that you know all the perks and major benefits of this option, the only thing left is to find a trusted and reliable dealer. For years, we’ve been the well-known resource for all things related to golf cars. That includes sales and service, maintenance and repair, parts and accessories, even car conversion. Contact us today to begin your journey of golf car ownership.

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