Keep Your Golf Car in Top Shape with These Tips

Tue, Oct 23, 2018 at 12:10PM

Keep Your Golf Car in Top Shape with These Tips

It’s important to provide regular maintenance checks and tweaks on your golf cart to avoid any risk of avoidable repairs or damage. The difference in and type of care depends primarily on two things—the season you’re in, and whether you have a gas or electric-type golf car. Here are some tips on how to keep your golf cart working optimally.

General Tips

There are some regular maintenance checks you should be performing on your golf cart regardless of its type or the time of year.


Tire pressure should be checked monthly. When there is too much air pressure, the ride will be harsher, and the center of the tread will wear. If there is not enough pressure, the sidewalls will wear, and the range will decrease.

In addition, the tires on both gas and electric-type cars should also be kept inflated to avoid potential cracks in the sidewall while in storage.

Break Checks

The breaks should be checked at least yearly. This should entail looking at the pads, drums, cables, hydraulic brake fluid, and pedals.


If your car is street legal and has a light set attached, you should consistently check to make sure they are all functioning properly. This includes the headlights, brake lights, and turn signals. This check especially important to keep up if you are driving on a regular road.

Weather Protection

The weather and time of year will also affect the maintenance that may be required on your car. Though not as much of a concern, if you’re living in local in Volusia County or Flagler County, winterizing your golf car, is crucial when living in the colder parts of the country during winter.

Electric Golf Cars

Keeping the batteries in shape is the central concern for electric golf cars, which include our Tomberlin and some EZ-Go cars. For electric cars, make sure to keep the battery clean, but also think about spraying it with acid neutralizer or anti-corrosion gel for the colder months.

Also, having an appropriate amount of water in the batteries is necessary for smooth operating and maximizing the batteries’ lifespan. These should be checked monthly. Before adding water to the cells, make sure the battery is charged and clear of corrosion, dirt, or debris. If you find any in your regular battery inspections, clean them with equal parts baking soda and water. When the battery is ready to refill the water levels, use distilled water up to ¼-1/2 inch above the plates.

Gas Golf Cars

Gas golf cars, like many of our EZ-Go cars, have different maintenance care requirements than their electric counterparts. It is good practice to change your golf car’s oil at least once a year., especially if it’s stored over the winter to remove any accumulated moisture.

If your car is new, your oil should be replaced after 100 hours of use; after this, you can change your oil about every 200 hours of use. You should regularly check for excessive oil or dirt on the rear differential. This could indicate a possible oil leak, which is an urgent problem in need of repair.

Furthermore, the engine will need to be checked out at least every six months, and the fuel and air filters should be replaced at least once a year. Replacing your spark plugs regularly, which would be about once every three years, will lower your fuel cost and increase the engine’s performance.

Golf Cart Repair

Though much of this maintenance can be done on your own, it’s always a safe bet to have a professional check and service your golf car regularly. If you or a professional find a problem with your golf cart and you are in the Daytona-St. Augustine-Palm Coast area, we offer golf cart repairs by factory trained mechanics with many years of experience. We offer repairs on many popular golf cart brands, like EZ-Go, Tomberlin, Club Car, and Yamaha. Next time you find a problem with your golf car, you can count on us to get it right back in shape.

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