Should I Purchase a Gas or Electric Golf Car

Sun, Oct 07, 2018 at 12:05PM

Should I Purchase a Gas or Electric Golf Car

One of the considerations you will likely have when purchasing a golf car is whether a gas—or electric type will suit you better. Which makes more financial sense? Which will be more environmentally friendly? What covers more distance? Here are some of the important things to think about when making your decision.

Main considerations
Gas-powered golf cars work through internal combustion—gasoline is lit in a small, enclosed area to release an abundance of energy or the “power” that is used to propel the car. So, gas costs are something to consider.

Electric cars require no gas, operating exclusively on batteries. Hence, depending on the mileage you drive, you’ll have to recharge the batteries which will require access to electricity. You’ll also need to replace the batteries every 4-6 years. So, if you’re looking for less regular check-ups and maintenance, an electric cart may be good to look into.

If you plan to travel long distances at a time in your golf cart, gas-powered ones are probably the better option. While a good battery charge may give you over 12 miles of distance, a tank of gas will bring you far beyond this. You can bring gas along with you to refill, but with an electric golf car, you’re relying just on one full charge, which can be quite limiting.


The prices of golf cars vary extensively throughout your options, which include street legal electric, street legal gas, and your standard electric or gas car. Street legal electric-powered golf cars will be your priciest choice, but with good reason—you can use these Tomberlin or EZ-Go models on certain low-speed limit roads like a regular vehicle. They are also the safest overall. Street legal gas cars may run you a bit less money, and your standard gas-powered or electric car will usually be even cheaper.

The prices for electric and gas-powered golf cars otherwise are comparable. There is a lot that goes into the cost, but you may find yourself spending a little more on a used gas-powered golf car than an electric. You will have to worry about battery condition and costs while purchasing an electric golf car, while on the other side, you will have to regularly pay for fuel in a gas-powered car. Regular maintenance costs for gas golf cars are also important to consider for future costs.

Golf Cart Pollution—Smell and Sound

Gas-powered golf carts will release fumes and emissions as a part of the internal combustion process. Though much less pronounced than your standard car, you may still notice a gas smell, especially in smaller or enclosed areas. Since electric golf cars have no internal combustion process, there are no emissions, and therefore, no bad smell! Electric golf cars are the eco-friendly option. If pollution is something you’re conscious of, you will want to consider more an electric golf car than gas.

Another thing you may want to keep in mind is the noise level emitted by each vehicle type. Electric golf carts produce very little sound and are quick and quiet. Gas-powered golf carts, on the other hand, are much noisier.

If you decide on a gas-powered golf cart, used or new is also a consideration here. Newer models more efficiently reroute the smelly exhaust, while older ones may more distinctly have those gas and exhaust smells. The engines are also often noisier in older cars, too; new engines have come a long way in minimizing the sound emitted. The 4-cycle engines produce much less noise than the older 2-cycle engines found in some used cars.

Upkeep and Maintenance

Maintenance on your future golf car will depend on many different factors, like the make, model, and size. Electric golf cars will require less maintenance than gas cars. Gas golf cars require regular engine tune-ups, like getting oil changes or parts replaced. Electric carts will require battery replacements every 4-6 years, so while it is important to remember, they don’t require as much urgency as their gas-powered counterparts. Aside from this, it’s a good habit to check for water levels in the batteries regularly.

Regardless of whether you choose a gas-powered or electric golf car, we’ll keep it in top shape with our service and maintenance program. Tee Time Golf Cars will also perform golf cart repair for brands beyond EZ-Go, Tomberlin, and Yamaha.


Our EZ-Go golf cars come in both gas-powered and electric types, with street legal options on the electric types. If street legality is something you’re thinking about, you have the electric/gas option within this brand. EZ-Go golf cars also offer 6-seaters in both the electric and gas options, though neither of these types is street legal. Our Tomberlin golf cars come only in electric, but they also offer street legal and 6person seating options as well.

Electric or Gas?

When deciding on what type of golf cart to purchase, electric or gas is one of the most crucial questions to ask. If you’re looking for something that requires less maintenance and is more environmentally friendly, you will probably want to give our Tomberlin and electric EZ-Go golf carts a look. When looking to travel longer distances and have a bit more power, our EZ-Go gas golf cars may be more up your alley. The choice is contingent entirely on your personal preferences or needs. If you’re shopping for a wide selection of electric or gas-powered golf carts in the Ormond Beach-Daytona-Port Orange area, we’re happy to help as we can to make the decision that’s right for you.



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