Tips for Golf Car Safety

Fri, Oct 25, 2019 at 9:52AM

Tips for Golf Car Safety

As a responsible golf car enthusiast, you know that safety is the key to ensuring a good time is had by all. Whether gas or electric, golf cars can and should be enjoyable, accessible, and offer necessary protection to everyone who drives or rides.

By paying attention to a few specifics, you can help ensure that friends and loved ones are always protected. This way, you can maximize fun and function as you see the sights in Daytona Beach, Palm Coast, and throughout Volusia County and Flagler County. Read on to glean safety essentials to aid in year-round enjoyment of your high-quality and street legal golf car.

Know the Basics

Along with the necessary provisions to ensure your golf car is, in fact, prepared and authorized for use on any roadway, it’s also wise to keep in mind a few basic safety essentials. That includes:

  • registering your vehicle and obtaining necessary insurance (where applicable)
  • obeying all traffic laws, and paying attention to speed
  • always wearing your seatbelt (and ensuring all passengers are doing the same)
  • slowing down while turning, and yielding to pedestrians
  • using your directional signals (sometimes called ‘blinkers’)
  • using your horn to alert other drivers (when necessary)
  • ensuring each passenger has a designated seat (no standing passengers)

It’s also important to stay off sidewalks, and avoid drinking and driving/riding. Your qualified golf car dealer will also have other helpful guidelines and advice.

Accessorize Wisely 

Personalizing your golf car is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences you’ll likely encounter as part of vehicle ownership. You can and should tailor your ride to your exact preferences and desires. That includes everything from body design, to decals, and similar.

It’s also wise to keep in mind seasonal and personal considerations. For instance, making sure your vehicle is ready for any change in temperature or weather conditions is a good idea. You might also want to mull other considerations such as tires, additional seating, accent lights, fenders, interior speakers, drink coolers, and more.

While some of these ideas might seem frivolous, law enforcement experts contend that when drivers have all the necessary creature comforts to make them feel at home inside a vehicle, safety and attention improve.

Practice Every Day Vigilance

As mentioned, your street legal golf car is equipped and allowed to go anywhere that other vehicles frequent. Still, that provision comes with the expectation and requirement that all safety rules and regulations will be followed on the roadways.

In addition, you should regularly inspect your vehicle for any signs of damage or disrepair. If you notice something out of place, it’s best to contact a reputable dealer who can get your vehicle back up to par in no time.

Find a Dependable Partner

There are so many great reasons to own a golf car. From convenient navigation of the golf course, to running necessary errands, performing work functions, or simply cruising around town and making lasting memories with friends and loved ones, there’s a good reason why more and more people have embraced the sheer fun and convenience of driving or riding in a high-quality and street legal golf car.

For years, TeeTime Golf Cars has been known as the premier outlet in Ormond Beach and across Central Florida. We offer a variety of sales and service options, including golf cart repair and maintenance, car conversion, and parts and accessories. We’ll even buy select golf cars. Contact us to discover the exciting world of golf car ownership, and how you can bring home a safe, convenient, and street legal vehicle today.

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