Types of cars we offer

Golfing Cars - This is the basis of all the golf cars.  Golf cars began life as a means to drive around a golf course rather than walking.  This not only makes it easier to get around the course, but it allows for faster play and more rounds of golf played for the golf course.  Golf cars are such handy vehicles that they began to be used and adapted for other purposes.


Commercial, Farm & Utility Carts - Golf carts are adapted and sometimes specifically made to use in commercial and industrial sites.  For example, golf carts were used extensively during the recent upgrade to the Daytona International Speedway.  In addition, many apartment complexes use a golf cart to show their clients open apartments.  For that matter, some real estate agents in closed communities use them for the same purpose.  Of course, they can be equipped with a cargo box or folding rear seat for individuals to use at their residence for yard maintenance and many other purposes.  As you might expect, lawn maintenance companies many times use them.


E-Z-GO Golf Cars - One of the oldest and the largest golf car manufactures in the world located conveniently in Augusta, Georgia, and is a division of Textron Corporation.  E-Z-GO produces both electric and gasoline models manufactured in various models for many and varied purposes.  


Tomberlin Golf Cars - Is a division of Columbia Par Car Golf Car Company which was originally the Golf Car Division of the Harley Davidson Motor Cycle Company until 1983.  The Tomberlin golf cart is only made as an electric cart, but can be used as a golfing car, for community use and especially as a Low Speed Vehicle (Street Legal).


Community Use - This type of golf cart sometimes doubles as a golfing cart and a vehicle used to move about the community where a person lives.  Most of the time this cart will have head, tail and brake lights along with a flip rear seat that can be used to carry two (2) additional people or folded down as a flat bed that can be used to carry anything from yard waste to swimming gear for the swimming pool.  The openness and slower speed of a golf cart lends itself to more interaction and a friendlier atmosphere.


Street Legal - The legal term is Low Speed Vehicle.  These vehicles can be manufactured by a manufacture like E-Z-GO or Tomberlin that is approved by the Federal Government to produce them.  The Low Speed Vehicle will be delivered to the dealer with a Certificate Of Origin from the manufacture that can be used to Title the vehicle in the state where the purchase is made.  In the alternative, any golf cart, gas or electric, can be converted to be a Low Speed Vehicle and then inspected by the State of Florida.  If the vehicle passes inspection, Florida issues a VIN number with a sticker that is applied to the cart by the state at the time of inspection.  The State then issues a Title in the name of the owner.  The cart conversion process and the application process to the state is somewhat complicated.  We are approved by the state as a Low Speed Vehicle Dealer and can handle the conversion and application process for you.