What Impacts a Golf Car's Cost?

Thu, Dec 20, 2018 at 3:50PM

What Impacts a Golf Car's Cost?

If you’re interested in buying a golf car, it’s likely that you’ve been seeing a wide range of prices. But how are these costs determined? Golf cars can have many different features and amenities that impact their cost. Here are some of the things that will determine the price of your future vehicle.

General Things

There are some non-specific golf car components that help set the price point of the vehicle. The condition of the body, canopy, and seats are some of the more aesthetic price determinants based on curbside appeal. The condition of the main working parts, like the tires, battery, charger, suspension, frame, and belt will also impact the price of the vehicle.  

Street Legality

Street legal golf cars are more expensive than their non-certified counterparts. This is because street legal cars include a number of extra accessories that your standard golf car isn’t affixed with, such as headlights, taillights, turning signals, and seatbelts. If you want to get a car that is already certified road ready, you’ll be spending a greater chunk of change, but also enabling yourself too much more freedom to roam the beautiful Daytona, Ormond Beach, Port Orange, and all over Flagler County. 

Age and Location

The age of a golf cart is one of the most telling predictors of price. Of course, a new golf car will be more expensive than its used counterpart. Though the amount of care given to the golf cart in its lifetime will also impact this, as a very well-maintained car that is 15 years old may be worth more much than a 5-year old car that wasn’t given proper maintenance.

New golf cars come with some special perks that will also increase the cost of the vehicle. Warranties are one of these advantages. Along with the manufacturer’s warranty, you may also be offered one by your golf car dealer. Buying new also means you get to decide on the accessories and customizations you’d like, which will bring a higher cost, but greater liberty to get exactly the amenities you’re looking for in a golf car.

Golf car usage will also impact the cost of the vehicle. If you’re living in the northern part of the country, you’re likely to spend more on a golf car than you would in the southern states. This is because golf cars see much more use in the south than the north; while Volusia County residents can enjoy their vehicles year-round, those in the colder parts can’t enjoy the same luxury in the winter months. So, you’ll see that the resale value for golf cars is higher in the north than the south.

Gas or Electric

Gas-powered golf cars have a much greater resale value than electric cars, so you’ll usually find used gas cars to be more expensive than electric.

Battery age and condition for electric cars are another important price determinant. Batteries need to be replaced every 5-7 years, so if you’ll want to know if the car you’re looking at has recently been serviced for that. A set of new batteries can range anywhere from $800 on the lower end to $2000 on the high end, so take this price point into consideration when looking at cars. You will also want to know the type of battery installed in the vehicle when looking to buy; a cheap battery (one that has less lead in it) will be less reliable and have a shorter lifespan than if you pay the upcharge to get a better battery.

Purchase Location

Buying from a third-party may sometimes give you a better price on your golf car, but this is at the cost of having a warranty, or a dealer in place to help should problems come up down the line, or just when in need of regular maintenance. If you are well-versed in golf car knowledge, you might be safer looking into what third-parties have to offer. But even still, you won’t get the guarantee or assurance that you would from a dealer, who is certified in this exact type of negotiation (and business more generally).

Tee Time Golf Cars are one of these reputable dealers you can lean on to help find an EZ-Go or Tomberlin golf cart at the price range you’re looking in. We offer new and used cars, gas and electric, and offer full servicing, from regular maintenance to full repairs. Contact us today for help in your decision!

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