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Service/Maintenance Program

We offer a Service/Maintenance program for $99.95 that includes a 29 point maintenance and inspection procedure.

We start by removing the rear wheels to inspect, adjust and clean the brakes along with the brake cables.  This includes lubricating the brake linkage and accelerator rod.  We inspect the rear suspension for cracked or missing rear leaf spring bushings, and inspect rear shocks for breaks, leaks or worn bushings.  In addition, we inspect the differential oil and check for the proper oil level.

We then remove the front wheels to inspect the wheel bearings, king pins, ball joints, tie rod ends and of course, lube all grease fittings.  We then inspect the steering assembly for smoothness, torn steering boots, worn or missing bushings and any malfunctions.  This service also includes the check for cracked or missing front leaf spring bushings. The front end is checked for the proper alignment and steering wheel is straightened to align with the tires.

The battery service includes bringing the battery water to the correct levels with distilled water, tightening battery cables and an initial check of battery voltage.  (A more extensive battery discharge test can be performed for an additional $35.00 Charge.  This will require more time to complete.)  We then apply new battery terminal protectant to all battery posts, and lubricate the charge receptacle on the cart.

The accelerator pedal mechanism is lubricated and checked for free travel and the accelerator pedal box is cleaned where applicable.

The forward/reverse switch is inspected and lubricated where appropriate and reverse alarm is checked.

Tire pressure is checked and adjusted to the proper air pressure.  The tires are inspected for unusual or uneven wear and the tire valves are check and tightened as needed.

Seat latches are checked for tightness.

Head, tail, brake, and turn signal lights are inspected with the wiring being check for tightness and damage.

The controllers are checked for fault codes with our specialized equipment where appropriate.

The cart is then taken for final test drive by the mechanic to check or run ability and any unusual noises.

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